Thursday, April 1, 2010

Start Updating my Blog since after .....

Its been ages I didn't update my blog. My sister - Moonkitty keep asking me when I am going to write again in my blog...Erm...I also dont know.

I know during these time, I had met up a lot of funny things, a good things to memorize...but just don't have times to write it down and share in the blog. Haha, I never knew that my Dad is good in using computer too... He is the follower of my sisters blog ( and ( ....He never miss out any new blogs from them. I am very proud of him.....But until one day, my Dad asked me "Why u never write blogs like ur sisters, I think U get quite good result in ur English paper last time".... =_= huh~~ I really don't know how to answer my fact, sometimes I am quite lazy and lack of idea to start any blog PLUS my broadband is slow as, its make me have a good excuses not to write any...

Maybe start from now, I should update my blog at least once in a month, so that I can keep all the sweet sour memories not only in the photos but also in words........^^


  1. haha, papa so funny de also back on track liao

  2. muahaha... i think this is the best way for us to let our dad know that we are doing fine here. ;)

  3. haha...ya u r right...but if the occasion that have all of us, i think give both of u the chances to update the blog...^^

  4. wakaka..let's update together la..different ppl different style to express