Friday, September 25, 2009


Its time for me to continue my blog...Today i would like to talk about my siblings. Ermm, who should I start first....let me start with "Miss Pipo" first lo.

Miss Pipo or we called her Ah Ping, she is my younger sister where is now still doing her degree in Multimedia at UNITEN. She is a very quiet girl (last time ok..) and helpful (have to admit that coz she always help Moonkitty clean the house, ^_^) . The most important thing is she is still single and available...really hope that she can find a bf to accompany her...Anyone want to introduce? (oppss, later Miss Pipo will become Miss Tiger and bite me). Both of us have the same hobby and we like to play basketball very much. She can play well than me, 3 point shooter le....kai wan xiao~~

Now, its Moonkitty turn. She dont know become very slim, very thin until all the clothes have to buy the new one coz the previous clothers are to big for her d. She like hello kitty since she was young (instead she is still young now, kekeke), thats y her nickname is Moonkitty. She is a very good sister BUT sometimes her temper is HOT...hahaha, and u know...the world war 3 happened between Moonkitty, me and Miss Pipo. But Miss Pipo is very geng, she can always be patient and pretend dont know. I'm glad that Moonkitty now is happy with her life and find someone who can be trusted and love her...hehe, U know who i mean right...

LOng GE, his friends used to call him like that last time...Sound like ALonG. Or we called Ah Ti, who is my youngest brother. to quarrel with me, I also dont know why? But now he is the HeRo of New Era College. He just got the best students in IT unbelievable right? He played Dota from day to night, and he still can get a god results in his exam...bravo, bravo....before i forget, he is also my parents "gold son" (in hokkien)...coz he is the only son in my family. Long Ge MoonKitty Miss Pipo

Last, of coz i want to talk about my da jie...Ah Fei. She is doing the same job with me which both of us are the educator (sound more profesionnal, right). She is not with us here, she is in Sarawak staying with my parents. But this coming December she will come and join us for the Bali trip. Ah Fei or known as Amy, she is a happy go lucky person. I am happy when she is around, coz she is always laughing and make the people around her feel happy too.

I think I am lucky to have a siblings like Moonkitty, Miss Pipo, Long Ge and Ah Fei...Because of them my life is different...(its true). Althought we quarrel, and said sth bad words...but so fast we will forgot everythings and call to each other, dinner together, movie together...thats y we are SIBLINGS....
Miss Pipo, Long Ge, Ah Fei, Moonkitty and Me (in front)

ps/ i felt so uncomfortable when writing in English as I am very poor in English...huh~~~ -_-


  1. haha, so funny. anyway, thanks jie jie. i love all my sis n bro n papa n mama

  2. u can post the link in ur facebook so tat everyone can read it.

  3. haha, dont want first. want to write some more then only post...keke

  4. saya mana ada garang?? paling san lian in the siblings...